our story

reps4lyfe is a unisex clothing brand born in brooklyn ny, specializing in custom black garments. 

blending faith, culture, and motovation to inspire all.

all designs feature a different shade of purple, which is the brand color.


We live by 2 mottos that are short and simple.

“show luv in real lyfe”, which is pretty much self-explanatory, but to break it down it means to show even more of the social media luv off-line (in real lyfe).

“set a goal today”, whether the goal is small or big, setting one is the first step to achieving a dream.


Giving back

10% to Christian ministries

10% to my borough – giving back to small businesses, foundations, charities, and causes. 

taking care of my borough first, then spreading the luv around the world!


artist spotlight

Our Team

looking for artists

info@reps4lyfe.com please put artist in
subject line

alex maisonet

ceo/ founder

looking for models

info@reps4lyfe.com please put model in
subject line